My Niece Goes To The University Of Hertfordshire In The UK

My niece decided in her senior year of high school that she wanted to travel to another country to go to college. She started looking around at different colleges abroad. She found a few that she had an interest in and started looking at the requirements to get into them.

She looked over what she needed and started applying for different colleges outside of the United States. Within a month or so she got a letter back from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. She decided that she wanted to attend this college and got everything in order so she could go there.

She got her financial information together and other information she would need in order to go to school there. She was excited to go to school there and a little nervous to be out of the country, but it was always something she wanted to do.

hertfordshire uniShe started going to the University of Hertfordshire UK in the fall and really loves it. She said it is just what she wanted to do and she is glad that she decided to attend school there. She is gaining lots of life experience by making such a big move and change of life.

My sister is really proud that her daughter choose to go to a university outside of the country. She talks to her all the time so she can keep up with what is going on with her and keep everyone else updated. She has Facebook too which she updates frequently and we can keep up with her that way too. She is doing great things with her life and plans to move back to the United States when she is done with school and has her degree.