Found Things To Do While Visiting Family In Clapham, London UK

My husband and I were visiting some of our family in Clapham, London. We wanted to find some things to do while we were there and started looking for events and things to do in Clapham.

We asked our family if there were any events they were interested in going to while we were there and they mentioned a few things. They said there was supposed to be a fair or festival that they wanted to go to while we were there. It sounded like a fun time so we told them to make plans to go.

We looked around for other events in the area and things to see in Clapham. We found a concert we wanted to go to while we were there too. We told our family which day it was on and what time so we could make arrangements to go to the fair on another night.

Anesis spa claphamWe had all of our plans in order and had things to do while in Clapham, London UK. It came time for us to go visit our family and we started our journey. We arrived in the expected amount of time that our GPS gave us. It kept us going the right way the whole time. It made it really easy to find. That’s when I remembered a feature on the GPS that gives you locations of things to do like parks, food and other attractions. When we got there I started looking through it to see if there was anything else to do while we were there. I found a few restaurants to eat at so I told our family where I wanted to go.

We were so happy to see them and spend time with them. I’m glad we planned to do things and it was a great time.