History Of a town called Essex

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The History Of Essex

Essex has been located to the north of the River Thames and has a rich history from various periods in the region. The medieval ages are well-regarded for being a part of this region and have had a big role in its infrastructure and how things look.

The prime point in Essex is Chrishall Common, which is located close to the village of Langley and has a peak of 482 feet. This is one of the renowned areas of the county and what it stands for. This is a diverse county and is sprawled after Londoners started coming in after World War 2.

The name “Essex” was given to the county after the “Kingdom of Essex.” This occurred during AD 527. It was in 1994 when Essex was reconfigured to fit with the rest of the nation, which is how it has become now.

Essex Historical Structures

What about some of the most important structures in the county of Essex?

There are a few of them that are known to local people for their architecture.

1) Anglo-Saxon Church (Rivenhall)

This is a church that’s been around for hundreds of years and continues to be used to this day. It has gone through renovations, and a lot of work continues to be done to make sure it remains a part of the region.

2) Layer Marney Tower

Many weddings are held at this location, but it is known for its beauty and is well-regarded in the region for how it looks.

Layer Marney Tower is one of those towers that exudes what Essex is all about with the medieval undertones and the unique architecture from top to bottom.

This is a county with significant history, and the culture has embedded itself as the years have gone by from person to person.

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