History Of Essex In The UK

When it comes to regions in UK that have plenty of history, then we need to look no further than Essex. It dates back to the year of 527AD, which was a period in the Middle Ages. It was a kingdom run by the Saxons at that time. Originally, the area covered land just north of the River Thames, but over the centuries its total land cover has grown. For centuries, this part of the country was also known as the Royal Forest.

Essex county council

Over the years the area changed dramatically, with towns and villages expanding, while the forest land was converted to agriculture. For anyone visiting the area today, they would find it hard to imagine that the whole area used to be covered in trees. It was not until 1889 that Essex County Council was formed. This set the foundations for what most people recognize as Essex today.

Parishes have played a big part in the county’s history, and anyone looking to discover their family tree can visit a parish to find the relevant data that they need. In the UK, it is possible to trace families back centuries. This is not possible in many other countries around the world.

Counties are not something which are static, and boundaries change every so often. It was only in 1965 that the boundary with Greater London appeared. Some of the original parishes are now counties, run by a local council. In 1994, Essex became part of the East of England Government Office Region. Some areas of Essex have since been given autonomy. It is more than likely that the boundaries will change again at some point in the future.

Essex is a great place to visit, and thanks to its rich history, there are plenty of beautiful old buildings to view.