A Power Flush is implemented to restore your central heating system to optimum efficiency. We get your boiler as close to brand new as possible. Without the hassle and major expense of replacing the entire system

The mixture of air water, Lime scale and the metal of your pipe work chemically produces a substance which overtime builds up and accumulates into a thick sludge. This sludge is the primary culprit for the majority of issues experienced within all central heating systems. Blockages cause cold radiators, Luke warm (at best) showers, noisy systems and extremely high energy bills.

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Blocked up central heating


The Flush Rids the System of the stubborn sludge leaving pipe work and components clean, clear and blockage free
There are numerous Benefits of a central Heating Power flush which we have listed below

These benefits ultimately Help your boiler run smoothly for longer and without hassle and save you money on your energy bills

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Extended Lifespan Of Heating System

A Clean and clear system means the reduction of damage and corrosion of the pipe works and components of your central heating, which leads to a longer life of your boiler, after the power flush is complete we also add a specialized inhibiting agent through the entire system which further prevents the future build-up of sludge Power Flushing is said to increase lifespan of your system by up to 10 years.

Greater Efficiency

Your System is able to work with minimal effort after the flush is completed., After Power Flushing, your central heating system will function as well as a new system and will be up to 40% more efficient – no more cold radiators or noisy boilers!

Reduced Energy Bills

The efficiency has increased, meaning radiators heat quicker, rooms are warm a lot faster without the need to turn your heating on maximum, all resulting in less energy being consumed which is will be reflected with big savings on your energy bills. Customers commonly save up to 40% on each and every subsequent heating bill after a Power Flush.

Long-Lasting Results

If you have your boiler serviced regularly, your central heating system should not need to be Power Flushed again for at least 10 years – that’s 10 years free from patchy radiators, leaking systems and sludge!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each Power Flushing job we do comes with a Certificate of Assurance for your peace of mind. We are and you are guaranteed a quick and professional service.

Additional  Power Flush Benefits

  • Quieter system, decreases boiler noise
  • Heating up periods are reduced
  • Hotter radiators
  • Fast, easy to do. Completed in Hours
  • Viable alternative to having a new heating system installed