The power flush process is performed to remove sludge deposits, rust, or any other type of harmful debris that can cause a central heating system to not function properly. A central heating system can get a new lease on life when you use this method to fix any number of problems. Trained professionals will be able to safely perform a power flush and they will also advise you of any other issues that will provide you with the best solution to your central heating system concerns.

One of our power flush engineers will visit your home after your power flush quote and determine the results of setting up a link between a low pressure, high flow pumping unit and your central heating system. This particular pumping unit will use water and powerful chemicals to clean out the system. One of the chemicals that the engineer will use helps to break up the sludge within your system. After the chemicals have done this they will also remove any remaining rust or sludge. There will also be a chemical inhibitor introduced into the system so that it will prevent any further corrosion or rusting.


Expert power flush with bases in Wembley and Clapham serve the Greater London and the home counties including Hertfordshire, Essex, and London areas. We are a knowledgeable and experienced company and are always eager to demonstrate the power flush process in your home. You will be amazed at how much more efficiently your central heating system will operate after having this procedure done.

With us you the assurance of having the job done properly. With guarantees and  you can have peace of mind knowing you and your home is safe..

There is an emergency, free 24 hour national gas phone number that you can call if you think there may be a gas leak or if you smell gas.  The number is 080-0111-999.

Expert Power Flush have experience in both commercial and domestic power flushing. We are a family run power flush company that have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We also specialise in boiler installation and repair

The symptoms of a failing central heating system include a noisy system, cold radiators, a boiler that cuts out, a slow heating system, leaking radiators, or water that does not heat. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of these central heating system issues then you should immediately get in contact with us today

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